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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Fishing Boat

Wilmington offers numerous fishing charters throughout the year, with the best months being July and September. Local waters provide ample opportunity for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Cobia, and Black Sea Bass fishing expeditions.

To select an ideal Wilmington fishing charter, it is necessary to consider several aspects, including pricing (of course), captain credentials, boat safety features and size, length of trip length and any customized services offered.

Inshore Fishing

Your inshore fishing charter captain will explore local creeks, bays, and flats that feature popular sport fish species like redfish, snook, speckled trout, cobia, flounder and tarpon – among many others!

These waters offer ideal environments for family fishing adventures, and many trips are designed specifically to include kids. Captains love working with families to educate them about various fish species.

Expect to pay $436 for a four-hour inshore fishing trip for two people, with extra anglers costing an additional $50 each. This price covers everything including captain, boat, bait and tackle along with keeping any catch cool in an ice chest.

Offshore fishing in Wilmington takes you to reefs and wrecks that harbor King Mackerel, Mahi-mahi, Wahoo, Blue and White Marlin of all sizes as well as numerous grouper and snapper species – not forgetting king mackerel!

If you’re searching for an ideal spot to cast a line into the ocean, there are a variety of public parks and oceanfront fishing piers within easy access from city. Sutton Park features an extensive public fishing pier on Cape Fear River as well as handicapped-accessible facilities – two great places for casting off from.

Offshore Fishing

Reel Zinger Sportfishing provide a range of trips that target popular game fish species. These can range from exploring river waters and nearshore ocean and sound waters for Redfish, Snook, Speckled Trout, Cobia, Flounder Spanish Mackerel King Mackerel or King Mackerel to overnight charters aimed at Marlin Sailfish Tuna Mahi Mahi or Mahi Mahi; or more advanced techniques like using spinnerbaits to target Striped Bass on local rivers or dragging jigs across grassy flats and marshes for Tarpon.

Before selecting a fishing charter, be sure to conduct proper due diligence by reading reviews and recommendations. Check for factors like boat size and type, captain and crew experience and length of trip duration. Furthermore, always look out for family-friendly charters as these may ensure young or beginner anglers enjoy a day on the water without feeling bored or frustrated.

Wilmington offers many public parks and oceanfront piers where fishing enthusiasts can try their luck with rod and reel. Wilmington also boasts many restaurants which can prepare your catch once it has returned to the dock, making this city an excellent place for diverse fishing experiences and building memories with family and friends.

Hardcore Fishing

Millions of sharks pass through Wilmington every year, making the city an ideal location for shark fishing. This activity can be great fun for families; captains and crew members typically welcome children on their tours so they can educate them on local species as well as fishing techniques.

There are 41 charter services operating near Wilmington and offering various experiences. Starting at $200 for a 2-hour inshore charter trip near Wilmington, these trips may focus on specific catches or reef fish as they go.

An average 4-hour inshore trip costs $436 for two anglers; add $50 per additional person. This price includes charter fees, rods and reels, tackle, as well as ice to keep your catch cool.

Offshore fishing in Wilmington is another popular activity, as local reefs and wrecks provide ideal environments for King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Cobia and Black Sea Bass – as well as billfish and tuna!

Cost for most offshore charters starts at $700-800 and up due to cost and rising maintenance costs.

Offshore fishing in this area tends to be at its most productive during July through September; however, some productive trips may still be had during spring fishing trips toward the end of season as hotter weather makes fish more active, thus increasing catch numbers and prices.

Charter Boat Fishing

Wilmington and its waters provide plenty of opportunities to rent a boat and experience a relaxing cruise with family and friends. From scenic river tours, sunset cruises around Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach and river tours; to sunset trips off Wrightsville Beach or Carolina Beach; there’s no lack of options when it comes to your next aquatic adventure! Ensure your rental includes pricing (of course!), credentials of crew members (such as certification), type of vessel with its safety features (along with length of trip), etc.

Wilmington fishing trips typically revolve around its rivers, bays and sound waters. Inshore charters tend to target both fresh and saltwater species including catfish, red and black drum, speckled trout flounder, Spanish/king mackerel/cobia/sharks; while offshore trips venture out into federal waters where some huge hauls could await!

Wilmington waters attract millions of sharks each year, making them the ideal location for shark fishing charters. Trips typically target Blacktip, Bull and Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks.

Families and groups of friends will appreciate Wilmington’s selection of inshore and offshore fishing trips, ranging from half-day or hourly expeditions to full-day treks into the Gulf Stream. Booking online to secure the best rates for your charter charter is recommended to make sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible; private parks and oceanfront fishing piers across Wilmington also make casting your line easy from land.

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